When John and Sheila Hemson decided that Whitehall was too large for their needs and becoming too expensive to maintain due to the various problems beginning to surface on this 230 year old Listed Building, a decision had to be made as to how best to meet the challenges of such a complicated property.

In addition to the main house itself, there was an independent modern linked annexe, extensive garden land and a shared driveway leading to Chequers, the new house built within the grounds in 2000.

Disposal was complicated but retention was unaffordable in its existing format and condition.

Potential for redevelopment, given the location and nature of the property, was enormous but practically a daunting and, frankly, high risk exercise. The family had to either make a “leap of faith” at some risk or let it go.

The deciding factor also depended on the outcome of Planning Enquiries for a radical redevelopment of the house and site in order to create a workable and visible solution whilst retaining ownership and control.

As co-owner, the Hemson’s daughter Elizabeth Astin, and late husband Edward, certainly had a vested interest since Chequers was also their family home. It was, therefore, fortuitous that as Owner/ Directors of Astin’s and Whitby Holiday Cottages, that they had some idea about what could be possible.

These two prominent Whitby businesses brought with them the knowledge, expertise and experience employed already in covering the many major independent development projects in Whitby as Consultant Surveyors and Estate Agents, Planning Advisers, Property Managers and Leisure Industry specialists.

By the end of 2007, with all systems set to go, the first phase was commenced with some confidence and excitement - three years later Whitehall at last came to its glorious completion.

Dominating the approaches from the sea through the harbour mouth and surveying the whole town, it is again the pride of the East Side just as it was for the Turnbulls in their heyday.

Chequers, landscaped grounds and the 6 beautiful apartments are certainly a testament to one family who turned an impossible dream into a stunning reality.

Now there for anyone to enjoy – call Whitby Holiday Cottages on 01947 603010 or browse this website to be part of the historic story as it continues to represent all that is best about Whitby and its 21st Century rebirth.